Website & Promotion

JYL-UK are the market leader in micro-delivery with a personal touch. They specialise in bringing your brand and products directly to your consumers, in a manner which fits perfectly into their busy lives. Their services include: home & business delivery services, hand to hand distribution, warehousing & logistics, subscription services, promotion & events and field marketing.

Working with Frank! Communications the brief was to give the website a refresh with a focus on promoting their core services in a more approachable manner.

The approach taken was to expand the colour palette to give each core service a colour coding, select a softer typographic style for main headers and create a structured hierarchy of information focused on the user journey. To help focus on the core services we made the decision to illustrate each in a fun way. Initial sketches were drawn up before collaborating with Sinage Design to create the final illustrations and a storyboard for animation. The animations featured on each service page cement the new friendlier design and reinforce each service message.

A full site prototype was designed before hand-off to the developer at Build14me.

Promotional posters and business cards were also designed making good use of the updated typography and illustrations.

Shortly after the projects completion, the company was bought out by Menzies Distribution and the website was updated, though much of the UI, illustration and typography were retained.

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