Newhaven Skatepark + Pumptrack

Logo & Signage

Newhaven Skatepark + Pumptrack was re-developed in 2018-19 by Clark & Kent Contractors, funded by Lewes District Council and Newhaven Town Council. Officially opened July 2019, the project saw see the creation of an integrated skatepark and pumptrack that is truly unique as riders are able to seamlessly move between both elements.

With this information to hand, I was commissioned by Lewes District Council to design a logo for the park that could be used to promote the project during consultation and construction, then on their website and other materials after the park was completed.

My approach to the logo was to create a design that integrated the skateboard and bike elements together in a simple clean symbol. While exploring this concept I crafted these two elements into an ’N’ made from a bike chain and skateboard. The forward slant gave the symbol movement and energy.

Once the site was near completion, I was asked to create a couple of A1 signs to go up at the site to promote the conditions of use. Together we decided to expand the information to include the route of the pumptrack and some simple instructions on how to ‘pump’.

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Newhaven Skatepark + Pumptrack LogoNewhaven Skatepark + Pumptrack Logos

Newhaven Skatepark + Pumptrack Signs

Newhaven Skatepark + Pumptrack Signs