Infection Prevention Society

IPS Website & UI

Infection Prevention Society is a charity based in Bathgate with over 2,000 members and a mission to support and inspire practitioners by providing the resources, education and networking opportunities they need to become world leading infection specialists.

Working in partnership with Build14me, RhinoBytes was tasked with reviewing the original website design, making suggestions for simplifying and improving the user experience (UX) and designing a new user interface (UI) that was in keeping with a forward thinking and professional organisation.

The process involved creating a secondary colour palette for the site, so areas of content could be colour coded, putting together a set of consistent icons and photography. Once this was agreed, work on the site layout began and rapid prototyping of the core contents areas were produced using Adobe XD. This enabled us to make quick changes and test layout options based on user flow and feedback.

The result was a modular based design with clear content areas and structure, strong call to actions and improved usability. The website has been well received by the Board of Trustees and its members.

Following the successful launch of the new website, we worked with IPS on their first ever all digital event in partnership with Frank!, Build14me's branding and marketing arm. The IPS Autumn Webinar Series 2020.

Project management & development:

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