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Funnell Marketing

Funnell Marketing is a digital marketing consultancy, run by Jacob Funnell, specialising in analytics, conversion rate optimisation (CRO), search engine optimisation (SEO), digital strategy and ad campaigns. Increasing the visibility of online businesses and converting clicks into customers.

As a new business, Jacob first approached me to discuss designing some business cards and after a really informative chat, we agreed upon coming up with a visual identity for his consultancy to help attract more commercial clients.

Right at the start of the briefing, Jacob mentioned there was a marketing strategy called the 'digital marketing funnel', which was the spark for the whole identity, with Jacob's surname being Funnell. I used this aptonym – people whose names and occupations or situations have a close correspondence – as the basis for the logo.

After several iterations, we concluded on a cleverly styled F monogram, paired with a confident modern sans serif typeface that would sit well with this bold mark. Along with he two-tone version of the logo, a single outline version was created to cover all future uses.

The new visual identity for Funnell Marketing has resulted in some very positive feedback from new and existing clients, especially the way the monogram really plays on the name, making it stand out from other digital marketing consultants.


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