Cats Protection

Essential & Veterinary Guides

These leaflets came about from research into commonly asked questions from the general public to Cats Protection's Helpline, staff and volunteers. The idea was to create series of essential pocket guides that tell you everything you need to know about responsible cat ownership, alongside more specific veterinary information regarding the wellbeing of your cat.

The Essential Guides were split into five colour-coded areas; general care, general veterinary, behaviour, human and cat issues and specific cat care, whereas the Veterinary Guides share the same colour. Both sets are numbered.

Due to the graphic nature of some of the topics covered, an illustrative approach seemed the most appropriate way forward to ensure the information was approachable and easy to digest. The basic cat illustration was created by one of the in-house designers and was to be featured on each cover. I then expanded on the cat illustration to create each cover. Inside the leaflets the text is set out in an easy to read, single column format with a selection of supporting illustrations.

Around 500,000 copies of these leaflets are handed out every year, either printed or viewed directly from the website.

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