Web concepts & design

The importance of graphic design for your website

Your website says a lot about you. Large or small, whatever your business does, you should have an appropriate web presence. It legitimises your professional status, and it demonstrates that you take your marketing seriously.

But there’s more. We’re all super-impatient and you’ve got mere seconds to make a good impression. Therefore, we can help by designing a bespoke website that has real impact. RhinoBytes will wireframe your future site, creating an outline of its page layout, content and navigation. This prototype will enable you to understand how it will look and feel to your website visitors.

We design responsive websites (sites accessible across all browsers and mobile devices), a vital aspect of visitor engagement to ensure that search engines can index and rank your site. We’ll also create a strong user interface, for ease of navigation.

Our design services can dovetail either with your own web developer or should you prefer, be developed and built by one of our web partners.

Should you need everything managed from a single source (that’s us, in other words), RhinoBytes can provide a full project managed service.

RhinoBytes is here to create visual appeal, brand value and usability.

Digital graphics

Meaningful digital icons are a great way to reinforce a message with a visual explanation. They’re also highly effective in pointing your website visitor to the other sections of your site, or to pages that you would like them to visit.

RhinoBytes can design icons to take the place of words, creating graphical “buttons” to draw the eye and focus attention. Describing features and functions in this way improves the usability of your website, making it easier to navigate.

Art direction

We’d be happy to oversee your website project from start to finish, bringing together all the key resources and managing each deadline stage.


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