Editorial design

High quality editorial graphic design has a substantial impact on the reader. With many things to consider and get right – typography, layout, graphics, photography and illustration – RhinoBytes has the expertise to attract people to your written work and importantly, keep them reading.


Magazines & newsletters

With an in depth understanding of how to organise information into the correct hierarchy and how to arrange and prioritise images, we offer outstanding, specialist expertise.

RhinoBytes will ensure that your content is as readable and as balanced as possible.

Brochures & leaflets

RhinoBytes’ expertise will deliver a consistent look and feel to your brochures or leaflets, whilst ensuring that each maintains its own unique product, service or subject identity.

Annual reports

Consider, if you will, the conventional annual report. If it’s laid out well, with attractive graphics and easily digestible financial information, it will be easier to read and absorb.

These documents are often long, therefore consistent styling and high-quality imagery throughout is essential. Moreover, clear charts and graphics will bring key information to the foreground and deliver the messages you need quickly and easily.

RhinoBytes will be pleased to design your annual report, ticking all the layout and design boxes to convey important information to the people who need to read it.

If you’d like to talk to RhinoBytes about editorial design, you’re on the right page. Give Ryan O’Hara a call on 07929 034 342.

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