Branding & logo design

What is Branding?

A good question and one that many people answer incorrectly, or simply don’t know or understand. Branding is your persona. The character of your business or charity, what makes it distinct. The style of an organisation, its tone of voice, its name. In other words, its very personality.

Why is branding important?

Branding is in effect an identification process. You could say that it helps to distinguish a product or services from a competitor’s offering.

It’s important because not only is it what makes a memorable impression on consumers but it also allows your customers and clients to know what to expect from your company.

Branding covers many areas, such as your name, logo, tone of voice, imagery and typography. It is what makes you unique and it impacts on every part of your business or charity.

It increases the value, it generates new customers and creates trust.

Getting your branding right is essential, so RhinoBytes will deliver over and above your expectations. We’ll ensure that the right visual messages are aligned to your organisation’s goals and objectives.

How we can help

RhinoBytes has extensive experience in branding.

We’ve helped numerous organisations to re-define their key messages through branding campaigns. Our clients have also benefited substantially from our expertise, with unique, distinguishing visual designs to set them apart.

We’ll bring everything together to represent your brand.

Brand development

Starting from scratch? Excellent, we love working with new businesses. We’ll help you to create a brand that really works.

Careful consultation and positive collaboration are the key to creating the best visual identity for your brand, bringing together the right logo, colours, typefaces, fonts, styles and so on.

Brand evaluation

Time for a change? Your organisation has moved on; it sells more services or products – or completely different ones. Your branding is looking dated. Our brand evaluation expertise aims to assess how or if your brand is saying what it should. With a thorough analysis of everything that’s visual about your business, a new look and feel could be just the thing.

Your brand guidelines

Already have an established brand, but need to communicate a service or product in the same style? We are highly skilled in creating designs that follow your corporate or branding guidelines. These can be adapted to any media, style or size, creating consistency throughout.

Just need a logo?

No problem, we’re also happy to design you a logo for your business or start-up based on your current needs.

So, is it time for a brand-new brand? Get in touch with RhinoBytes. We’d be very pleased to help you.

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