Brighton & Hove City Council

Logo Design

I was commissioned by CityClean to develop a logo for Hollingreen, a joint initiative with CityClean (Brighton & Hove City Council), the Brighton and Hove Food Partnership, the Hollingdean community development worker and Hollingdean residents, to reduce the amount of household waste in the Hollingdean area of Brighton.

The main aims of the initiative were to increase recycling, reducing plastic packaging and encourage less food waste in the local community by increasing awareness, improving facilities and promoting community composting.

The brief was to create a logo that was approachable, simple, positive and communicated the nature of the project in a modern, but obvious way.

Several options where designed, with the end result, a recycle symbol with an apple in the middle made out of a heart with two pips, which look like a face. The apple symbolises life, but also that composting is a 'core' part of the project and the heart represents a passion for the environment.

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